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You’ll need a pack of Rider-Waite tarot (I don’t work with any other kind).

Pamela Coleman Smith

Below are the spreads we will be using. Either print the pages up or, if you own Tarot Theory and Practice, the write up on them is from page 175. You’ll be laying them out upside down. Spread 3 is used more than once, depending on the intention. You don’t have to think, though, I’ll do that for us.

If you practice beforehand that is fricken awesome.

You’ll need your lappy (or other device) at the far side of the bed/large table (white cover preferred), camera positioned to see all the spreads, although I can often ask to look at each as you lay them out. Have your phone or some other device ready to record the session. On flight mode.

Sessions last usually just over an hour depending on the quality of Skype.

My Skype addy is lydeangeles (only contact me for tarot, thanks).

Spread 1 – Present/Future/Past

(Celtic Cross)

Once you have laid out the Celtic Cross you place the remainder of that pack to one side with the card on the bottom of the pack placed on the top, image facing you. This is called the crowning card and has deep significance to the overall pattern before us.

We begin with the pack that represents the PRESENT because I want to see what is of immediate influence. The same with the pack representing the FUTURE and, lastly, the pack representing the PAST. 

Spread 2: Destiny’s Big Picture

At times the triplets will relate to one event only, at other times they can all be separate events.

Spread 3: Other People and Specific Events (“Every 7th Card” Spread 1)

Shuffle. Discard the first six cards of the pack in your hands and lay out the seventh, face up. Repeat until you have two rows of five cards. Continue this until the second-last card of the pack. This is placed at the base of the spread and is considered the foundation of the information.

Spread 4: Tree of Life 

The Tree of Life spread shows any health situations, work, sex life, family situation… heaps. It is the central spread of the session. It is the halfway mark of the reading.

Spread 5 – Anything Else

Shuffle the cards and cut into 3 piles. I will ask you to choose one pile. Discard the other two then.

The card at the underside of this pack is placed to one side so that its significance is reflected upon during the interpretation. I will read every card in this pack. You’ll be laying out the Celtic Cross as in Spread 1 but without cards 11, 12, 13 until we have used that whole pack.

 Spread 6 – Question

This spread is also the same layout as for Spreads 3 and 5 (every 7th card) but you’ll be asking your question aloud as you shuffle so that your intention is imbedded in the answering layout.   From now on, until the completion of the consultation, several things are going to happen. First the mysteries, plus the entity that Tarot itself is, will often join in regarding the answers. This can be disconcerting if you are not used to it because the answers can, when not straightforward and specific, vary from hilarious to hostile depending on the context. This is where we get to talk to each other. I will ask you now to collapse the wave by voicing your concerns, thoughts – anything at all that is important to you other than pertaining to what has already been said in part 1 of the question. And here’s where glitches can often happen because if your questions are:

1. not in alignment with Tarot’s understanding of life, love and the pursuit

2. the question has no relativity to the future

3. the question flies in the face of the information that tarot has already given

4. you give a generic statement such as “Tell me about love,” or “Tell me about money,” or simply say the word “Relationships.”

I will need to ask what you mean as Tarot requires explicit questions as one can have a relationship with just about anything.

I won’t assume what you mean (tarot won’t) so I’ll ask you for clarity as you shuffle. Between us we’ll get an explicit question.  If the answer to their question has already been given in part 1 then the entity that is Tarot will provide altogether different information and, in the case of naive questions such as “when will I find my soul mate?” 

Tarot can be downright rude and obnoxious in its reply. If you want tarot to take away free will by asking “should I . . .” or “if I do this or that . . .”

Tarot will dissuade you, or even be rude to you.


It’s always so fabulous revisiting many of you again, I’ll probably want a catch-up after the session. Most of you know the drill: don’t pay me until the night/day, in case one of us is exhausted, don’t tell me what you want or what’s been happening so I can keep my objectivity.


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