It is really important that you give me no indication, before the end of the session, of anything about your life. Tarot is like a lighthouse. It (me a bit, as an interpreter) can highlight events that are providential but also potentially deadly. It doesn’t pull back from the heartache, the cancer, the beating, or the bankruptcy.


I tell you what will happen, not what you will do about that. From others’ accounts 80% of everything tarot predicts occurs. What you do about events when they happen will be up to your understanding of both yourself and your situation. Knowing that even the most ominous events are destiny allows the individual to navigate and deepen from experiences that were/are unavoidable. If world events are strong enough to resonate through the psyche of an individual you will also hear about them. I have no filters that exclude those facts (like financial crashes, murders, war, ecological phenomenon) and I am both an animist and an existentialist. I do not concede right and wrong, only the experience of an episode.


Occasionally, because I have done this for so long and am now an Elder of my culture, I can discuss how I perceive a situation you will find yourself in. Then your choices of actions or responses will depend on that. The 20% drops away like frost on a brighter than expected sunny morning because of your actions and choices. That is the healing power of this. That being said, knowing nothing of you means that I can be completely objective when we do the work.

That’s the first thing.

Second thing is that because of the intimacy of the communication between the person with me, and the reading, many people experience either transference or fear. And because of the widely unacceptable nature of my skill (by people of particularly a christian ideological upbringing) many don’t understand that I work much the same as a doctor or lawyer or psychologist but that is not registered and I am often contacted, later, in my private space, with the misunderstanding that I will remember you and that we can further discuss your session. No. I will never remember a session past the experience, until I am, later, reminded. It is tarot’s way of keeping me sane. If sanity can be defined as such.

Why do I write all this? Because should it be that you have not sat with me before it is wise to be really clear.


You will be asked to record the words we share while we are together. Much of the events that are recounted in a session can take years to unfold and the recording assists you to realize when, perhaps you forget, that the event was forthcoming (sometimes events are immediate). I ask that you keep these recordings private but, of course, when you leave the table, what you do with the recording is your choice. I DO NOT talk in metaphor, as some people, unfortunately, initially consider. Most of what is said is literal. I also hear so saying “oh my god” will have me asking how you came to own a deity and to inquire what you mean by “god”. Most often at the table people hear only a few bits of what is said. Bits that resonate with the present. Then they think they know what we are talking about thereafter, but they don’t. Hence the recording makes it easier. As events transpire provides relevance. I have done this always, back into the dim, historic days of tapes and CDs. We mail that recording to you at the close of the reading, uploading it to your inbox where you can pop it into a folder for if or when you no longer have the current phone. 


 You get three questions at the end of a session. They are often, from experience, skewed by desire and want. I understand as I too have hope in many ways, for the future to bring me happiness. But answers will reflect the question, so I ask people to be explicit. It’s where we CAN talk together. I have very explicit understandings of such things as relationships, wealth, security and they may not be reflected in a societal or cultural level, or zeitgeist, but I give them anyway.

Finally, if you have a psychological disorder or you are on extremes of medication relative to your mental wellbeing these could impact a reading. I will not work with you. It is in both our interests and may interfere with your psychological process. Transference and all that. Same applies if you have an untended or unstable addiction. Should you be unaware that you are addicted to a substance or behaviour, tarot will reinforce what it is (from sugar to screens).


You were born with an approximate 2.5 billion years of microbiome and your DNA remembers every parent you have ever had, in whatever form, since the theoretical Big Bang. When you shuffle, your hands know what to do even though it seems such a random thing. Shuffling, that is. It is not random. Like a master pianist you could not play if you looked at each individual key. You KNOW what every image means without looking and because you have, at some cellular or atomic stage, run within the forest that formed the cards, you have an intimate but unrealised connection and relationship with them. Therefore, trust that what you are doing is profound.

That’s about it. During a session I try not to use vulgar expletives but occasionally do. I also take your side in any situation because that is what you present. It will not mean you are correct in your interpersonal relations with others.

Now I need a cup of coffee.

That was the long read.


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Lore de Angeles Whitehorse, writing as Ly de Angeles