The rough and ready crew of DÚTHCHAS PRESS specialize in several aspects of analysis: of text, screenplay, manuscript and synopsis.

We also delve into stories of forgotten people, those who are homeless, those who have been silenced, those who find an ancestry that creates a platform for the voiceless. Those who hang by a thread. Those who fell through the cracks.

Image Kevin Lee – The Invisibility of Poverty


It is significant for the author of any of the above to have critical and contemporary assessment when dealing with today’s market. It is as important to be able to seduce an audience with the first few lines of any of the above mediums because the pink noise/1f variability of the modern brain is fast. People will lose interest in any work—left or right-brained—in 2.4 seconds, if not engaged. The movie Avatar utilised this technology. Therefore, an author must be able to draw in the reader or the watcher with one line. Withing industry called a TAGLINE. This must encapsulate the selling rationale of the entire work.

This could be considered ridiculous if it was not true. DÚTHAS PRESS director, Lore de Angeles Whitehorse, has worked with both screenplay and short film and has won accolades for her involvement in presentation and production. She has trained in the application of—

1 line synopsis
1 paragraph synopsis
1 page synopsis


With AFTRS, the Australian Writers Guild, Screenworks and with a Deakin University post graduate degree in professional writing, Whitehorse has also studied the business end of screenwriting. She advises on your best model of acceptability, as a creative. RAG-N-BONE only advises on screenplay or stage play written in Final Draft software

It is to be understood that the author will usually receive a net deal from a publisher or a production company and MUST know the value of their work to be able to successfully negotiate a deal, with the reality of the current market in mind.


All figures are in Australian dollars

MANUSCRIPT: Up to 70,000 words (doc. docx)

  • Full analysis (of proximity to the number of words) = $1200.00
  • Estimated time (of proximity to the number of words) = up to 12 weeks
  • Zoom verbal delivery of analysis available on request once your analysis is complete = $150.00 per hour (up to 3 hours)

MANUSCRIPT: 70,000 to 100,000 words (doc. docx)

  • Full analysis = $1500.00
  • Estimated time = 16 weeks
  • Zoom verbal delivery of analysis available on request once your analysis is complete = $150.00 per hour (up to 3 hours)

SCREENPLAY: 90 to 110 pages only (industry standard, Final Draft)

  • Full analysis = $900.00
  • Estimated time = 12 weeks
  • Zoom verbal dialogue re tag/logline, 1 paragraph synopsis, 1 page synopsis = dialogue via Zoom, with suggestions = $150.00 per hour

ESSAY & POETRY: up to 3,000 words (doc. docx)

  • Full commentary analysis/copy editorial = $220 per hour, that includes a Zoom face-to-face discussion.


Once a year DÚTHCHAS PRESS mentors a writer, or a person unaware that they can write, but who has a story, uncompromisingly raw and adaptable to print, or unique but clutzy. That individual is advised and encouraged for the duration of a year and a day without cost.

NOTE — This does not imply publication.



Crofter and world-renowned knitwear designer Alice Starmore from Lewis described dùthchas as“a feeling of belonging, of where everything is linked, completely linked. Where you belong to the land, and the land belongs to you – there is no distinction. It’s like a hand in a glove. Everything fits in, and your culture is part of that as well, and everything you know that’s around you; every part of life that’s around you is all interlinked and interdependent, and it’s all about ancestry, knowing where you’ve come from and that you are a continuation of all that.” [[ii]](#_edn2)