Ly de Angeles (Lore) is of the clan Whitehorse, the anglicised name of her ancestral family that ranged across both Alba and Eire (Siorrachd Obar Dheathain). Her ancestors are also Bertaèyn (de Villa), Irish (Ó Ciardhubhain) and Scandinavian (Sigurð).

As an elder she is drabarni (ćovaxani) and so wears black, mostly, to indicate her status as one who sees in the dark. She is also directly descended from C’radoc ap Cunobelin (ap Silures) of the Catuvellaun tribe at the time of the Claudian invasions, and Caitlin Ó Ciardhubháin, of Connemara, Ireland, who survived the genocide perpetrated by the bureacrats representing the english monarchy and who married an aristocratic, French geologist, in Australia, for dubious reasons.

Ly de Angeles has worked in all aspects of theatre, as a silversmith, trained with hounds and horses from a very young age. Is a healer and a cousin-animal whisperer, as well as teaching, writing, storytelling and facilitating the rewilding of language. Adept at draíocht and is also drú-wit trained (known, in the current era, as witchcraft). Her work in this field is rarely seen by others. She is heavily inked with ancestral stories and her own liberation from ownership, within the reign of an alien monarchy.

She is an environmental 3D artist, building stone people into landscape protectors. She knows the so-called dead don’t go anywhere and forests communicate in many languages. She is constantly listening.



Although also a practitioner of Hapkido, Aikido and Dark Age Fighting (with broadsword and staff), Whitehorse holds the title of 3rd Dan in the martial art of Iaido. She maintains the legacy of the Australian dojo, YASEAINOSHIKAIAIDO

IAIDO – the care of the sword

Mother of three and grandmother of five.


COVR, USA. Visionary Fiction | for The Quickening (1st in the Traveler Series, novel)
Byron AllShorts (Flickerfest), Australia | for The Redemption of Joe Frame (film)
Byron International Film Festival, Australia | for The Redemption of Joe Frame (film)
Byron International Film Festival, Australia | for Wings (film)
Tahiti International Fim Festival, for The Redemption of Joe Frame
GritLit, Canada | for Comeuppance (short story).
Jesus Christ Superstar | 2000, 2001 (live stage) Director

Reclaiming culture, Byron Bay, 1990s

There is more. She would rather discuss this in person.